Frequently Asked Questions


Why does it matter who designs my logo and brand identity?
Sure, you can go to a website that sells pre-made logos or have a cheap logo designed on spec by faceless designers, while running the risk that the logo created is not original. In the end, will that really get you a logo that fits your business or organization? Logos are more than just pretty shapes, colors and text. Before the process begins, I will ask you questions such as “Who is your target market? What service/product are you trying to promote? Who are your closest competitors?” It is important for me to understand the why behind your organization so I can best create a logo that reflects your company and the customers you want to reach.

How can I be sure I’ll like the design?
Take a look at my portfolio. Do you like what you see there? Does the general feel of those projects fit with the aesthetic you are after for your project? If you answer yes to those two questions, we are well on our way to being a good match. As we get into the project, be sure to communicate your requirements and expectations clearly. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you have samples or photos of projects/ideas you like, that is always helpful. You'll have several opportunities throughout the design process to review the design and make changes.

How do I know 1809 Design (Cinnamon) will be a good fit?
First, take a look at my about page. Does 1809 Design sound like a company that you would like to work with and fit your needs? Next, read some testimonials from my clients and former colleagues. It will give you a better sense of what it is like to work with me.

I don’t live anywhere near Des Moines, Iowa, can we still work together?
Sure! I have clients all over the United States. With e-mail, phones, video chat, screen sharing and even snail mail, it won’t make a difference if you are half way around the world. 

I have a large, complex project that will require many different skills and specialties. Is 1809 Design the right company for me?
Probably not. You’d be better off with a large design firm or advertising agency. A full-service agency has more resources at their disposal than an independent graphic designer does. Keep in mind an agency will require a larger budget to cover their overhead and the project will most likely take longer to complete. If you still aren’t sure, drop me a line. Even if I tell you no, I may be able to suggest a firm who can help.

Do you design wedding invitations?
Only for close friends and family. If you need help finding a wedding invitation designer, send me an email. I’m happy to help.

Do you handle any printing needs?
If you need something professionally printed, I can work with my trusted print vendors to get you what you need. There will be a small print management fee added to your invoice to cover the process (i.e. get quotes, review proofs, etc.). All print invoices will come directly from the print vendor saving you a typical mark-up of 10-20%. Projects will be shipped directly to you. Already have a print vendor and just need the files? I can send you print-ready files when the project is complete.

Do you write copy?
If you need a tagline, headline or other small piece of messaging for your brand, I can usually help. Anything more than that, a writer will need to assist. If you have a writer in mind, will be happy to work with them. Or, I have writers that I can recommend as well. Keep in mind, I also do not edit copy.

Will you run my social media accounts for me?
No. I’m happy to provide graphics and images for the branding of your pages or even for a special promotion or event. If you need social media assistance, I can recommend some people.


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