What is 1809 Design?

1809 Design is a one-woman graphic design firm, owned by Cinnamon Rost, helping small businesses and marketing/advertising firms with professional design services. In other words, I create all the goods to help you market your company or client and make you look great. Think brand identity, logos, brochures, t-shirts, websites, social media graphics and ads just to name a few. And if it isn’t something I specialize in, I have a network of talented people to partner with if the project calls for it.

Where did the name 1809 Design come from?
1809 was my house number growing up. This is the place I first started creating and where my love for design was born.


Who can 1809 Design help?

Small- to
Mid-size Organizations

As a entrepreneur or small- to mid-size organizations, you don't want to spend your precious time creating graphics you end up hating. Focus on what you do best and let 1809 Design deliver personal and practical design services without the expense of a large design firm or the cookie-cutter look from cheap online design companies or templates. As a solopreneur, I’m passionate about my business, 1809 Design, and in turn enjoy helping other businesses develop a visual presence that best reflects them and their organization. 

In-House Marketing/Design Departments

Is your in-house marketing/design department overloaded with projects and desperate for help? However, you aren’t quite ready to hire another person. As an independent design contractor, I can quickly become a part of your team and assist as needed. I am a experienced designer with a background in publishing, printing and advertising/marketing and have worked with advertising agencies and large companies to assist during their busiest times.

Small Marketing/
Design Firms

Are you a small marketing firm, advertising agency or related business seeking to partner with a graphic designer? I enjoy working with other professionals in sister occupations. Let’s chat about how we can work together to provide enhanced services for your clients.

Who is Cinnamon Rost?


That’s me! I’m the soloprenuer behind 1809 Design. Armed with my trusty Apple computer, bunny slippers and a prayer, I started 1809 Design in 2008. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Wartburg College in Waverly, IA with a Communication Design degree and a Business Administration minor. Since 2000, I have been a professional designer with experience in publishing, printing and advertising/marketing. Visit LinkedIn to learn about my professional background.

Want some more Cinnamon? Let me sprinkle a bit more on.

  • I probably get asked on average once a week, “How did you get your name?” Here’s a brief version of the story. My parents first heard of someone named Cinnamon from the 1960s show Mission Impossible, where actress Barbara Bain played Cinnamon Carter. By naming me Cinnamon, they surmised people would instantly think good things because cinnamon is used in delicious food such as cinnamon rolls. And no, my parents weren’t hippies.

  • I’m an introvert that plays an extrovert when required. Give me a quiet night at home with a good book and a glass of craft beer or wine and I’m happy.

  • I’m married to a wonderful, supportive and patient man named, Ryan (otherwise known as DH). He’s 1809’s designated IT Director (he had no choice and gets paid in clean laundry).

  • I’m a recovering violist (Google it).

  • I’m a plant lover (it’s genetic through my mother). Spring and Summer you’ll hear me rejoicing or complaining about my garden. Most of the time it is the latter (“It gets too much shade. The deer trampled everything. A groundhog got in...again.”).

  • I know way more than I ever imagined about craft beer and brewing. That’s what you get being married to an owner of a brewery.

  • While I’m an Iowan (born, raised and currently residing), my couple years stint in Maryland gave me an insatiable craving for Blue Crab.